How it Started...

See Spot Run Doggy Daycare & Training Inc. has been a dream for owner Anneli Hilton for quite some time. Having had dogs as pets all her life, it wasn’t until she became an adult and adopted her first dog on her own that her life changed. In December of 1995 she brought home Bailey, a Miniature American Eskimo, as an 8 week old puppy. That little bundle of fluff melted her heart from the very first moment she laid eyes on him. Eleven years later, Bailey and Anneli have achieved greatness in both agility and flyball. They share a bond that is very difficult to describe and it has only strengthened with every new challenge they face together. Bailey has not always been easy to train and Anneli has overcome many obstacles in his training to be the successful team they are today.

Always up to a new challenge, four years ago Porter, a White Shepard cross, came into Anneli’s life. Rescuing Porter from NASAP as a stray that had been running with a pack of dogs and having no history lead to a whole new world of dog training. It wasn’t long after Porter got settled in to his new home that he started to display signs of severe separation anxiety. The anxiety was so bad that Porter could not be left alone at all. At the time daycare was not an option because of where she worked. So graciously, Porter was allowed to attend work with her for a little while until she could find a babysitter. This was only a temporary solution but it bought Anneli time to find a new job at a daycare where she could take Porter with her to work. Giving up a career in Financial Planning to make Porter’s life more comfortable and allow herself to fulfill a passion of working with dogs seemed like the next logical step. It was at this point people were still telling Anneli that Porter’s anxiety could never be cured and to give up her life for a dog seemed rather silly. What they didn’t know is that every day with Porter provided a reward in itself. He became more confident, learned how to play agility and flyball, and made many doggy friends along the way. In his own way Porter thanks Anneli everyday for saving his life and believing in him.

In the end, Porter was the inspiration and drive for Anneli to open See Spot Run Doggy Daycare & Training Inc. Knowing that all dogs have their own personality and quirks, it is Anneli’s hope that she can help give a rescue dog its best chance at a new life. Most people get to pick the dogs they own but sometimes the dogs pick the owners. Every dog has the potential for greatness you just have to believe you will find it. 


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