Amanda Schmidt

Daycare Team Leader/ Trainer

Amanda grew up with a continually increasing passion for animals, especially dogs and any knowledge about them. It was Aries, a fluffy Bichon/ Shihtzu mix puppy that opened the doors in 2007 to formal training and dog sports. That winter for no other reason than to get out of the house and play with her dog, Amanda enrolled Aries in agility classes and quickly became hooked after completing the first set.  Aries was not the typical type of dog you’d see on an agility course, but she was the ideal learning companion for Amanda, happy to play and try to please. Together they entered the competitive agility world earning many titles as well as top 5 placements in both regional and national AAC events creating an additional piece to Amanda’s canine passion.

In 2010, after about a year from when Aries had started competing in agility, Amanda had another small mixed breed pup fall into her life. Keep-Her came with her own personality and a few more challenges. At 5 months old, Keep-Her had insecurities from the instability of being bounced around to different homes as a young puppy. Amanda quickly saw great potential in Keep-Her, she had more speed, drive, and want for learning than Aries but also had some fears and anxieties. This new pup forced Amanda to reach into her training tool box to use all she knew as well as go out and learn even more. Wanting Keep-Her to shed some of her insecurities and anxieties and be the best dog she could Amanda pursued more than just agility. Keep-Her introduced Amanda to more in the obedience world as well to trick training, where Keep-Her really thrived breaking free from her shell of fears and trust issues  

Most recently, in 2014, Amanda’s pack has grown by one more. This time the new addition was a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever named Dragon.  Dragon is already proving his potential, earning titles in dock diving, another new sport to Amanda, and showing great skills for becoming an excellent agility dog. With a higher energy working breed such as Dragon there are new doors opening for Amanda in the canine world. Where her other two dogs are happy to play and enjoy playing with Amanda, Dragon has the want to work no matter what the game may be. Exciting new possibilities include dock dogs, scent work, conformation showing, and many more. Never knowing exactly where her dogs might take her is part of the joy she finds in her dogs.

Always wanting to stay up on the latest techniques and methods Amanda can frequently be found at seminar and clinic events.