All dogs attending classes are required to show proof of current vaccines or titres for Bordetella, Rabies, Distemper and Parvo. This is a mandatory policy. 


All classes are non-refundable.


Our approach to obedience training is “keep it simple”.  We only use approved positive training methods (ie clicker training) to help you achieve the most out of your training time.  It is our belief that your dog will learn quicker and more efficiently if they are having fun.  

We teach both voice and hand signals with our progressive training methods.  Our goal is to make your training experience positive and enjoyable while building the bond between you and your canine companion.

Beginner Obedience                            $150.00 plus GST (6 weeks)
Beginner obedience starts with puppies as young as 12 weeks (second set of vaccinations).  In this class you will learn the obedience basics pet obedience skills such as sit, down, stay, coming when called and walking politely on leash.  All work in this level is done on leash.  Sorry, no pinch or choke collars allowed in class.  These classes run on a six week rotating schedule.

January 22, 2020 @ 6:15 pm

Nose Work

What is Nose Work?
The exciting sport of Nose Work has been designed to help you and your dog work together to use their natural desire to hunt with their nose. By providing a constructive outlet, Nose Work is a sport that challenges dogs both mentally and physically and is a very healthy way for them to release energy.

No previous experience or training is necessary for the teams involved since this wonderful sport is open to dogs and handlers of all breeds, ages and abilities. Human companions of reactive, shy or nervous dogs will be pleased to know that Nose Work is a very suitable sport for their dogs. Not only does nose work help to build confidence but our nose work classes are set up in a way that only one dog will work at a time therefore limiting any competing motivators or fear inducing stimuli present during the work. 

Level 1 - Introduction to Nose Work $150.00 plus GST (6 weeks)

Does your dog love to sniff? Nose Work taps into your dog’s natural scenting ability. Nose Work was inspired by the training of scent detection canines. Nose Work is open to all dogs including dog-reactive or fearful dogs as there is only one dog in the search area at a time. It is also good for retired, injured, disabled, or elderly dogs. No previous experience or training necessary - for the dog or the handler! Classes are taught with the philosophy of nurturing a dog's natural talents and adjusting to the individual dog without the pressure of human expectations.

Minimum Age: 4 months
January 2020 

Level 2 - Introduction to Odor            $150.00 plus GST (6 weeks)

Now that your dog is eagerly hunting for their primary reward (food or toys), they are ready for Introduction to Odor!  In this class we teach your dog to identify and search for a target odor (birch, cypress & clove). We focus on building dog/handler teamwork by improving the handler’s observation skills and the dogs’ communication skills to the handler when they find the target odor.

Prerequisite: Level 1 or comparative training 

Agility Training Program

Dog agility is a sport in which a dog moves through an obstacle course with the guidance of his or her handler.  Dogs run off leash, so the handler’s only controls are voice and body language.  In competition, both accuracy and speed are important.  During 1977, a group of dog training enthusiasts had a meeting to work out a new dog competition which they had been asked to put on as a demonstration event at Crufts in 1978.  The format they came up with would take some of the obstacles from working sheep dog trials, combining it with the concept of show jumping and would require obedience.  This new sport was to be called Dog Agility.

 In 1979 it was back again at Crufts only this time it was a competition and not a demonstration.  It would be true to say that in the early years the dog agility was an amusing interlude for the audience but now it has grown into a major competition.  Since 1979 agility has exploded all around the world.  There are many different disciplines of agility and thousands of clubs that focus in each discipline.  In Alberta, you can attend a trial almost every weekend in different cities around the province. 

Level 1 – Getting Connected $150.00 plus GST (6 weeks)

This is where it all starts.  Getting Connected teaches the skills required before moving on to focused obstacle training.  This class will give you the foundation skills for agility or can be a great refresher for experienced dogs that need to “tune-up” their basic skills.  Your dog will learn to focus and be attentive with the distraction of other dogs working.  You will perfect your sit, down and stay.  Your dog will learn body awareness, obstacle awareness and handler awareness.

The goal of this class is not to be working/learning all pieces of equipment but rather on becoming familiar with obstacles designed to promote balance and coordination.  Your bond will be strengthened by incorporating fun “training games” to promote learning through play.

Prerequisites: Basic Obedience Skills            Minimum Age: 4 months
February 10, 2020 @ 6:15 pm

Level 2 – Building Your Team $150.00 plus GST (6 weeks)

In Level 2 you will be teaching your dog forward focus and how to drive forward.  You will get and introduction to some of the obstacle and learn specific behaviours to train when your dog is interacting with these obstacles.  You and your dog will start moving together as a team executing small sequences. 

Prerequisites: Level 1
March 3, 2020 @ 7:30 pm

Level 3 – Developing Jumping Skills $150.00 plus GST (6 weeks)

Over the six weeks of Level 3 your dog will learn all the mechanics of jumping efficiently, balancing their weight and looking down the line.  Your dog will learn what is a the most comfortable way for them to jump and where they gain power from.  By learning to jump properly your dog will gain confidence and reduce the risk of injury for the long term. All dog will be required to be in crates during this class.  Only one dog working on floor at a time.

Prerequisites:  Level 2
February 3, 2020 @ 7:15 pm

Level 4 – Staying Connected $150.00 plus GST (6 weeks)

It is now time to start putting all the pieces together.  Level 4 will take all the skills you have learned as well as adding some new ones and put them into practice on small sequences.  You and your dog will be moving together to get through a maze of jumps and tunnels.

Prerequisites: Level 3
January 20, 2020 @ 6:15

Level 5 – Handling Skills $150.00 plus GST (6 weeks)

Level 5 will refine some of your handling skills and add more complex maneuvers into your repertoire.  You will learn to walk and analyze a course to plan what is the best way to execute it for you and your dog.

Prerequisites:  Level 4
March 2020 @ 7:15 pm

Level 6 – Contacts $150.00 plus GST (6 weeks)

Contacts is a six week course designed to teach you and your dog all of the contact equipment, dog walk, a-frame and teeter totter.  You will use behaviours/concepts learned in earlier levels to perfect the desired performance of the individual obstacles.

Prerequisites: Level 1&2                             Minimum Age: 12 months
February 11 @ 7:30 pm

Level 7 – Weaves $150.00 plus GST (6 weeks)

Weave poles are one of the hardest obstacles to train. Your dog will be taken through a step by step process to teach them how to perform this obstacle.  While practice at home is not mandatory it will help increase your success in this class.  Due to the body motion required it is necessary to wait until the dog is old enough and their bodies mature enough to sustain the movement in this class.

Minimum age: 14 months
February 11, 2020 @ 6:15 pm

Performance Level 1-3 $150.00 plus GST (6 weeks)

Performance levels 1,2 and 3 are an ongoing level of instruction aimed towards dog/handler teams that are focused on competing and taking their game to the next level.  All dogs entering this class must have completed the See Spot Run agility program or equivalent as assessed by our staff.

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