Frequently Asked Questions


What age can my dog start?

We allow puppies that have at minimum their first 2 sets of puppy vaccines as well as canine cough aka: Bordetella, usually given by 12wks old. Expectantly the third and final part of the puppy vaccine protocal, including Rabies, will be completed by 16 weeks old. All customers are expected to provide proof of vaccination from a veterinarian showing up to date vaccines of Distemper, Parvo (DHPP), Rabies, and Bordetella. 


Can my adult dog come?

Yes, all adult dogs must be spayed or neutered, complete our behavior assessment, and meet all other criteria including vaccinations. Assessments are booked for weekday mornings at 9:00 am.


Do you need to meet or have an assessment with my dog first?

Puppies (under a year old) are accepted without assessment, as long as all other conditions are met. Any dog over 1 year of age that wish to visit must complete a behavior assessment. 

Is there a fee for the assessment?

No, we do not charge for the assessment. Our assessment appointments are scheduled during the week at 9:00am. 

Do you have overnight boarding?

No, we do not have overnight boarding. Our hours are Monday to Friday 6:30am to 6:00pm, closed all weekends and statuary holidays. 

Are intact (non spayed/ neutered) dogs allowed?

Young puppies that come before being neutered or spayed are allowed, however once matured they will be expected to be neutered or spayed in order to continue attending. Female puppies who come into season (heat) can not attend while in such state, typically 28 days. 

What are your health and vaccine policies?

All dogs must submit written validation from a veterinarian showing up to date vaccines of:
- Rabies, given as a 1yr or 3yr vaccine.
- DHPP or DA2PP, given a as a 1yr or 3yr vaccine. Protects against Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo Virus, and Parainfluenza.
- Bordetella, given at maximum as a 1yr vaccine. Protects against the highly contagious canine cough, aka kennel cough, similar comparison to the common cold.  On the recommendation of many veterinarians we suggest a six month protocol provides better protection.
- Must be clear of all other illnesses and conditions including but not limited to: coughing, vomiting, diarrhea, Canine papillomas (aka puppy warts)
- We have a mandatory lice, flea, and tick prevention policy. All dogs attending daycare must be on veterinarian provided pest prevention. This policy is to primarily to prevent canine lice which can be found living in Alberta year round.  Our policy has the clients supply us an approved topical product purchased from their veterinarian. The product is only effective for 30 days and then requires reapplication. We keep track of every dose applied to keep all our clients up to date and protected. 

Will you feed my dog?

Yes, we can feed your dog as long as you have provided us the necessary meal. We will offer your dog their meal during the mid day rest time. This keeps the food delivered accessible by only your dog as it was intended for. Typically only young puppies benefit from an extra mid day meal as they are growing so rapidly, while mature dogs typically don’t need the extra meal.  

Do I have to pre-book my dog?

Yes, we run on a pre-booked scheduling basis only (no drop-ins). Having the pre-booked system allows us to manage the number of dogs that will attend in a day. This not only helps us to know where and when there is available space, but from the controlled number we gain consistency and safety. 

How frequent should my dog come?

This will vary on the circumstances of each family and each dog. A weekly repeating schedule is ideal in building routine and consistency for the dog. The majority of our clients come on a regular schedule, attending the same day(s) of the week every week. For the dogs coming on a regular schedule they will repeatedly see the same core group of dogs that share the same scheduled day. We know dogs thrive of consistency and routine, making them more comfortable and happy knowing their friends will be there too. 

Do you have a half day rate?

No, our fees for daycare are offered only as whole day flat rate. You are always welcome to pick your dog up at anytime.  Dogs are expected to arrive by 10am, and picked up by 6pm. There is a late fee for pick up past 6pm of $1 per minute. 

Do you have an outdoor space?

Yes, we have a large outdoor area. We encourage outdoor potty habits, and enjoy the outdoor space with the dogs for leisure as much as possible (weather permitting). 

Do you separate small and large dogs?

Indoors we have two rooms that we are able to create two play groups in. When grouping the dogs together we consider the following; size, age, play style, energy, and confidence. We group the dogs with a goal of each dog being able to enjoy their visit comfortably to go home tired and happy. Throughout the day the groups may at times mingle and be modified as dogs tire, or need change of playmates.

Do you have a nap or quiet time as part of the daily routine?

Yes, we feel each day consisting of supervised play with a scheduled nap period is most beneficial. During nap or quiet periods all the dogs are placed into a crate. This quiet period is important to help them learn to be capable of relaxing among their peers, allows down time both physically and mentally to avoid complete exhaustion as many clients are here for upwards of 10 hours in the day, as well it aids in continuing with crate training that maybe occurring at home.