A year full of changes

How does December always seem to sneak up on us?  With the weather being so beautiful it is hard to even imagine that Christmas is only a couple weeks away.  We can’t lie, we are really enjoying the lovely weather and so are the dogs.

            2014 has been a year full of changes at See Spot Run and that keeps everyone on their toes.  The biggest change for most people was the addition of two new staff members to our family.  Laura and Marlee, joined our pack on a part time basis and the adjustment was seamless.  Marlee fits her shifts in while attending the U of A with a full course load in Animal Studies.  Unfortunately, she will have too many classes next semester and need to take a break form working with us.  We are hoping to see her back in the spring.  Laura has been with us the entire year with a few months off to travel to Europe and spend time with her family in BC.  You will be seeing a bit more of Laura as she will be picking up some extra shifts with Marlee’s absence.  Both girls are very knowledgeable with dogs and have been a wonderful addition to our team.

            In May, some of the See Spot Run instructor’s and students headed of to Europe to compete at the World Championships.  Pint and Anneli were joined by Barb and Vegas in Amsterdam at the IFCS World Agility Championships.  Both dogs showed them what the little dogs in Canada are all about with fabulous runs and results. Leaving Amsterdam and heading to Lignano, Italy, Slice and Vybe joined Pint and Vegas to take on the World Agility Open.  Once again all the dogs ran well and held their own amongst the rest of the world.  These world adventures and results would not be possible without all the fundraising support we receive from our customers, students, friends and family.  Thank you to all of you for helping keep out dreams alive.  Looking forward to 2015 when Slice and Anneli head off to Milan, Italy to compete as part of Team Canada once more.

            Another big change in 2014 was the addition of two new pups to both Anneli and Amanda’s families.  Sniper and Dragon arrived in our homes in March and the daycare has been a whirlwind of activity with puppies every since.  The brothers have grown up so fast and added a lot of humor to our days.  When Arson, Sniper and Dragon spend an afternoon in daycare, we often find customers just watching them playing and enjoying what brotherly love really looks like.

            The year is closing out with a very deep hole in my heart as I said goodbye to my Porter.  He was my best buddy and the reason that See Spot Run ever came to be.  He has left a legacy behind him and touched so many lives that he will never truly be gone.    I have received so many kind words and wonderful stories of how Porter touched someone else’s life that it has made the healing a bit easier.  Things aren’t quite the same without him around but we are all adjusting.

            Aside from saying good bye to Porter, we also had to say good bye to some of our very special, long time four legged friends at SSR.  Joining Porter and so many other great dogs on our Rainbow Wall are Max and Hank.  Sadly, all of these dogs were taken by cancer.  Max lived very long and full life and Hank was taken far too young.  Our time with our four legged friends is never long enough, please treasure every day and moment.

            As the year comes to a close, we thank you once again for your continued support of See Spot Run and allowing us the pleasure of spending the day with your four legged children.