What A Year

It always amazes me when we get to December and I compose the annual Christmas letter how fast time has gone.  As the snow fell upon us in November, it seemed like just yesterday that I was shoveling the first snow of 2011.  Wow, how time flies.

The passing of time has seemed so much quicker this year as I welcomed a new puppy to my family and have had the pleasure of watching him grow into a handsome young lad this whole year.  Arson, a Nova Scotia Duck Toller, has been a constant in the daycare for the past year.  He has been growing with other puppies that joined our pack and helping teach the ropes to the younger ones that have joined behind him.  His training has been super fun and he has opened my eyes and skills to new past times that only a retriever would love to do.  He will make his agility debut in July of 2013 and I am so excited to start advancing his agility training now that he is old enough.

The rest of my “kids” have been doing well.  Porter is aging gracefully at 11 ½ years old.  Retired now from dog sports he is enjoying just hanging out and keeping an eye on his family.  He still makes road trips with us most of the time and takes great pleasure in getting treats from anyone he meets.  Slice and Pint as always are a going concern and keep me on my toes with training and travel.  This year Slice was crowned the AB/NWT Regional Champion and Pint was crowned the UKI Canadian Open Champion.  A very successful year to say the least.

In May of this year, I made the trip to Belgium for the World Agility Open as part of Team Canada with both Slice and Pint.  The trip was amazing and the competition second to none.  So very proud of both my wee dogs that show the world that size does not matter.  I also had the pleasure of sharing my experience this year with student/friend Barb Flowers and Vegas.  This was a very proud moment for me, bringing a student through her training classes to a coaching role and helping to get them ready for the world stage.  Barb and Vegas did not disappoint and stepped into the ring and had some beautiful runs that proved they deserved to be there.  I couldn’t have been more proud of their accomplishments and look forward to many more world team experiences together. 

I would also like to extend a huge thank you to Dr. Jennifer Webster and Mark Eckley for their huge roles in the success of myself and my dogs as well as being an integral part of Team Canada in 2012.  They are two very selfless individuals who know the meaning of “team”.  The trip also would not have been possible without the fundraising contributions and donations made by all of the amazing customers at See Spot Run.  Thank you for believing in what I do and your continued support of such an amazing journey.

 Once again, unfortunately, we have had to say “good-bye” to some very dear souls at See Spot Run.  Losing a member of our pack is never easy but this year has been particularly difficult as all of the losses have been tragic and sudden.  Joining our Rainbow Wall in places of distinction were Indi, Doodle and Bobbi.  Our daycare is definitely not the same without them here in our day to day.  They were a very vital part of our family and we miss them greatly every day.  Also, joining our Rainbow Wall was the artist himself, Chris Orriss.   When I expressed to him my idea for a mural where we could pay tribute to all of the dogs that have blessed our daycare he painted the most beautiful place for them all to be remembered.  Never take for granted the time you have with your loved ones and pets, time is very precious.

In August, we said good-bye and good luck to Rhonda as she left the daycare to pursue other career opportunities.  She was very sad to leave all her canine pals behind but felt she needed a change of pace.  We wish her continued success in her future endeavors.  Joining the team as Rhonda left is Amanda Schmidt.  Amanda joined us also looking for a change of pace and following her passion to work with animals.  Leaving the medical office scene behind and putting her previous doggy daycare experience to use Amanda has been a wonderful addition to See Spot Run.

Trying to stay in touch with the use of technology to communicate we now have a Facebook page where you can see photos of your dogs at daycare, reminders for closures and any other news flashes that may come.  Find us on Facebook and click the ‘like” button and you will be in touch with us. 

As we close out the year with an influx of new puppies, 2013 is looking like it will be an exciting new year with lots of fun in store.  Once again, thank you for your continued support of See Spot Run.